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Here is a link to our latest newsletter - The Redcliffs Times.

This page is updated regularly - please contribute! To advertise your local organisation, event or activities on this website, contact n...@redcliffs.org.nz. Bookmark this page to keep up to date. Also see our Facebook page.


Planting at Mahoe nui bush, Summit Road

Just a reminder about another winter planting day, Mahoe nui bush on Summit Road above Sumner. Saturday 26th June,  9.15-11.30am (postponement day Saturday 3th July)
Meet at 9am, at the corner of Wakefield Ave and Colenso Street to register and car pool up to the site. CCC rangers provide spades and gloves, but you may bring your own if you prefer. We are planting about 250 trees. Please wear sturdy footwear - the site is close to the road but on a slope. After the planting there will be a hot drink and morning tea provided to reward all the hard workers! This will be back at Wakefield/Colenso Street by Sumner Primary School. Bring back the birds!

Drayton Reserve working bee

Drayton Reserve. Sunday 20th June has been cancelled due to the weather, so watch out for the next one. We are still needing planting in the “green fire break”.  We look forward to more volunteers now that we are better organised with this unusual planting exercise. Suggest you bring gloves and good footwear. For further info contact Dave Bryce here.

Regreening Barnett Park

Here is news of a really great project to improve the ecology and environment in Te Awa Kura Barnett Park.  Already a popular area for walks and exploration, and really significant in our Maori and European history, no visitor could fail to notice that it has become badly neglected and overrun with weeds, with only tiny remnants of the original native vegetation and wildlife. An enthusiastic group has got together to work on restoration of the habitats in the park.  They have a new Facebook page and will be looking for volunteers to help work in the park over the winter, initially planning to tackle invasive weeds such as boneseed. For information, go to the new Facebook page for the Park here. If you are not on Facebook, please contact Rosemary Neave directly by email: r.......@spiritednz.com.  Watch out for notices of working bees and weeding days.

NZ Garden Bird Survey

Garden birds are important to study as they act as an environmental indicator for the health of our ecosystems, so every sighting matters. If bird populations are growing, it means habitats are flourishing. If numbers are dropping, it means something may be wrong and we may need to take action to fix it. The information we gather from this nationwide survey helps inform conservation decisions and further research, not just in New Zealand but worldwide.
You can help!  It’s easy to do the NZ Garden Bird Survey. All you need to do is…
1. Visit the NZ Garden Bird Survey website to get started.
2. Select a garden, or a local park or school grounds.
3. Choose any ONE day between June 26 and July 4, 2021.
4. Look and listen for birds on that day for ONE hour.
5. For each species, record the HIGHEST number seen or heard at one time.
6. Submit the results online at the NZ Garden Bird Survey website
dentification info is on the website - we would love to know what is in our area and how it changes year by year, and the more people involved the more useful the results.




Your local Library update

Here is an update about your local Redcliffs Village Library. The wonderful volunteers who run this for the community offer:
A great selection of fiction and nonfiction books, with n
ew books every month.
Huge selection of children’s books catering to all ages from pre-schoolers through to young adult.
DVDs to hire.
A Meeting Room for hire (holds 20 people).
All in a friendly and welcoming environment. Please come and support your local Library.
Our current opening hours MON - FRI 10am-4pm, SAT 10am-12.30pm, SUN 2-4pm.

Speed limits on the Estuary

Residents have been bothered recently by motor boats and jet skis speeding around the estuary, which is bad for our wildlife and dangerous for swimmers and other water users. 
The Rule is: All powered vessels including jet skis not to exceed 5 knots within the Estuary or 400m of Sumner Bay. (5 knots is 9km per hour - no wake - a fast walking pace). Residents are encouraged to report any potential infringements of this to the Harbourmaster at ECan. The minimum required information to note is location, time, date, craft type and issue. Contacting ECan via this form identifies the local areas of non compliance, so these areas can be policed more or validate the necessity of extra resources for the Harbourmaster to do so. For urgent reports of water hazards or unsafe behaviour phone 03 328 9168.

Regular events

Farmers Market

Every Saturday 9.30am - 12.30pm at Mount Pleasant Community Centre, McCormacks Bay.
Your local market needs your support. New cheese stall too.
Delicious fresh food, coffee, plants, stalls, live music. For market enquiries phone: 021 239 8946.

Predator Free Redcliffs Project

Redcliffs has a local group working as part of the wider Predator Free Port Hills initiative. The Predator Free Redcliffs Group encourages everyone with a garden to get involved with trapping and baiting in the local area as well as helping in the reserves and parks on the Port Hills nearby. We can organise the provision of highly subsidised traps for catching rats, stoats, mice, possums, hedgehogs and mustelids and advise on their use. Contact p....................@gmail.com.  See also the Facebook page Sumner Pest Control Group for up to date news about their efforts and successes. This is part of a co-ordinated environmental effort for regeneration and restoration of wildlife, and the area is already seeing a marked increase in sightings of bellbirds, warblers and fantails.

Redcliffs Community Shed

Workshop, tools and craft space, open to the public to use - contact the Shed Supervisor or look at thier notice board for details of current activities, projects and opening hours.
Address: 99C Main Road, Redcliffs.
Email: r.....................@gmail.com

Sumner/Redcliffs RSA

Good news, our local RSA is now on line! Keep in touch with their events and news via their website here. Remember you're always welcome to join members each week:
Members of the Sumner Redcliffs RSA meet at the Village Inn for comradeship and coffee.

Redcliffs Residents Association

Committee meetings are held regularly, usually on the first Monday of the month (the second Monday if the first is a public holiday) at the REDCLIFFS LIBRARY, 91 Main Road, (rear entrance) at 7.30pm. All residents welcome to attend, to catch up on local issues. There is a Directory for Redcliffs in booklet form if you prefer that to the internet variety - contact the Secretary for copies Tel: 03 376 6133 or email s........@redcliffs.org.nz.

Linwood/Central/Heathcote Community Board meetings

These local council meetings are held fortnightly at the Board Room, 180 Smith Street, Linwood. Members of the public are welcome to attend. The dates, agendas and minutes can be found here.

Planting days

There are regular planting and maintenance days in the area, in Drayton Reserve, Mahoe-nui above Sumner, McCormacks Bay, Charlesworth wetland reserve at Humphreys Drive (every Sunday 3pm - 5pm) and Calder Green reserve in Heathcote.  Volunteers who would like to get their hands dirty in the interests of improving the environment are always welcome. See Projects & Activities page for details.

Drayton Reserve

For up to date information on this exciting ecological project at the back of Redcliffs, and how to get involved see the Drayton Reserve Volunteers website.

Information Centre and Sumner Museum

The Hub, a comprehensive information centre for the Sumner/Redcliffs area, is open at the Sumner community centre and library Matuku Takotako (corner of Wakefield Avenue and Nayland Street) Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Co-ordinator:  email here. The museum has also reopened in the centre.


Volunteers undertake track maintenance In Barnett Park and on the eastern Port Hills. Second and fourth Monday mornings. Contact Paul Tebbutt for details of regular work parties - new members welcome. Car pooling where possible.
Phone: (03) 384 3086.

Oral History Project

Sumner Bays Union Trust is in the early stages of developing an oral history project for Sumner and Redcliffs. We have a generation of people who were both adults during World War 2 and during the earthquakes. As these people are in their 80s and 90s, time is of the essence, so we’re going to work on recording as many of these stories as we can while these wonderful people are still with us. If you know of a suitable candidate for this project, please let Eddie Hayes know. We will ensure that appropriate steps are taken so that the process is as clear and ethical as possible, including obtaining written consent from participants.  Contact a....@sumnerbays.org.nz.

City to Sumner Community Watch Patrol needs volunteers

The City to Sumner Community Watch Patrol is a community group for this area which operates both day and night endeavoring to keep crime and graffiti down. The patrol provides, cars, fuel and instruction. It is under the supervision of the NZ Police and Community Patrols of NZ (CPNZ).  We would like more members to help with the patrols on a rostered four hour patrol each month time to be indicated/requested by you, this may be either day or night at your preference. The areas covered by the patrols are Linwood, Woolston, Heathcote, Sumner, Lyttelton, and the Eastern Port Hills.  Are you  interested? Please contact: Colin Morris. Tel: 0225027077

Rockers of Ages Choir

For Elders and Aspiring Elders (any age welcome) Sing songs from around the world as well as fun and funky songs from the last five decades in harmony, it really doesn't matter what your voice is like or whether you think you can sing or not. Every practise includes time for a cup of tea and a chance to get to know each other. Music is provided, but you don't need to be able to read music. There are NO AUDITIONS. Donation (suggested range $2-$10 per week).
Wednesdays, 10am-12pm, Sumner Bridge Club, 57 Dryden Street, Sumner
Email: a....@themuse.org.nz or phone 0800 THE MUSE (0800 843 687) for more information.

Coffee and Conversation and Happy Hour, Fridays in Redcliffs

Sumner Bays Union Trust will hold these nice events, aimed mainly at seniors, in the Uniting Church Hall, Augusta Street.  Coffee and Conversation is at 10.30 a.m. on Fridays, with guest speakers, games and other activities, but once a month on the first Friday of the month (except it will be the second Friday in November) it will be replaced by Happy Hour from 4pm - 6pm instead.

Ongoing issues

Main Road Master Plan

The Council have proposed landscaping and other improvements for the Main Road through Redcliffs, similar to the work planned for Sumner and Woolston. However this is on hold at the moment due to funding constraints. Anyone with suggestions or complaints about local matters please contact the Redcliffs Residents Association.

Christchurch Coastal Pathway development

Website: www.christchurchcoastalpathway.org.nz

Local planning issues

Lots going on - Main Road Master Plan, Estuary Edge Master Plan, coastal hazards. Interested to be involved? Contact the RRA committee at Contact us.