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Redcliffs, Christchurch, New Zealand

Residents Association

The Committee of the Redcliffs Residents Association meets monthly on the first Monday of the month (unless it is a public holiday, in which case the second Monday) at 7.30pm at the meeting room behind Redcliffs Library,  91 Main Road. Interested residents are welcome to attend as observers, or to bring matters of concern to the committee at any time. Please see the Contact Us page or individual contact details below.

The Residents Association was formed in 1913 as the Redcliffs Progressive Association. The Press reported its first general meeting—water supplies and lighting in the area were matters of concern at the time. Read the report in the Press here. It was called the Redcliffs Burgesses Association until the 1950s.

In 2012 the Redcliffs Residents Association became an incorporated society. Members include all residents, property owners and businesses with an interest in Redcliffs. The area stretches from Mulgan's Track in the east to the edge of McCormacks Bay in the west and up to the top of Moncks Spur Road.

Minutes of previous meetings of the Association and Committee are available on the Meeting Minutes page.

Recent submissions to Council on behalf of residents may be viewed on the Submissions & Correspondence page.  There is also a Facebook page which is a good way to keep in touch, link here.

Committee members 2018


Christine Toner


Chris Doudney


Pat McIntosh


Tony Burns

Committee members

Darren Fidler, David Bryce, Peter Croft, Chris Bartlett, Marie-Claude Hébert, Duncan Currie, Fletcher Stanton


Main Road Master Plan

Contact Peter Croft

Council, Coastal Pathway

Contact Chris Doudney


Contact David Bryce
Email: e..........@redcliffs.org.nz

Community events, fundraising, newsletter, Facebook

Contact Marie-Claude Hébert or Darren Fidler

Response and Resilience Team

Contact Pat McIntosh on (03) 376 6133 or text to 0274274772.
Email: r............@redcliffs.org.nz

Predator Free Redcliffs

Email: p....................@gmail.com

Committee members contact details

Christine Toner (chairperson)
Phone: 027 433 9598
Email: c..........@redcliffs.org.nz

Chris Doudney (vice-chairperson)
Phone: (03) 384 2263

Pat McIntosh (secretary)
Address: 35B Beachville Road, Redcliffs, Christchurch 8081
Phone: (03) 376 6133
Email: s........@redcliffs.org.nz

Anthony (Tony) Burns (treasurer)
Phone: 021 317 121
Email: t........@redcliffs.org.nz

Peter Croft
Email: b...........@gmail.com

Darren Fidler
11b Celia Street
Phone: 021 031 6707
Email: d...........@yahoo.co.uk

David Bryce
Phone: (03) 384 9967
Email: e...........@xtra.co.nz

Chris Bartlett
Email: c.........@paradise.org.nz

Marie-Claude Hébert
Email: m................@gmail.com

Duncan Currie
Email: d......@globelaw.com

Fletcher Stanton
Address: 21 Wakatu Avenue, Redcliffs
Tel: 021 904 793